Presenting Truth

Presenting Truth

What is Truth? The Nexus Complex presents Truth as the state of “Isness” regarding everything that has existed, currently exists, or will exist in any form, scale, or reference of time. Simply put, Truth is “What Is So”. More

Verifying Truth

Verifying Truth

If Truth exists, how would anyone definitively know what it is? How could it be proven to function? These are very good questions that The Nexus Complex provides convincing answers.


Applying Truth

Applying Truth

If Truth has been verified, how can it applied? The Nexus Complex presents that the answer to this question lies in the only tool available to create with…Choice. Whatever is chosen will be experienced and applying verified Truth will produce experiences that are truly beneficial to any human being. More


Welcome to this seven-part series of audio podcasts by author Greg Lentz, who offers his unique insights on the origins, foundations, goals, concepts, and techniques regarding his incredibly revealing book…The Nexus Complex: A Personal Guide to Truth. Sit back, relax, and spend some time with Greg as he talks about his specifically designed model that demystifies what is probably the most misunderstood topic in the history of humankind: Truth. Enjoy!


The Nexus Complex and You [19:08]


Introduction [19:30]


Origins & Foundations  [22:08] 



Section One Overview [23:26]



Section Two Overview (part one) [24:46]



Section Two Overview (part two)  [26:29]



Conclusion [24:09] 



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