Presenting Truth

Presenting Truth

What is Truth? The Nexus Complex presents Truth as the state of “Isness” regarding everything that has existed, currently exists, or will exist in any form, scale, or reference of time. Simply put, Truth is “What Is So”. More

Verifying Truth

Verifying Truth

If Truth exists, how would anyone definitively know what it is? How could it be proven to function? These are very good questions that The Nexus Complex provides convincing answers.


Applying Truth

Applying Truth

If Truth has been verified, how can it applied? The Nexus Complex presents that the answer to this question lies in the only tool available to create with…Choice. Whatever is chosen will be experienced and applying verified Truth will produce experiences that are truly beneficial to any human being. More


The Nexus Complex: A Personal Guide to Truth is available for purchase. The book is offered in print and ebook versions (Kindle) at Amazon and in paperback at Createspace. The paperback edition will also be available soon at Barnes & Noble as well as other participating retailers. Click on the links below to order directly from Amazon or Createspace.  If you enjoyed the book, please feel free to post a review on the purchase page at Amazon! Thank you so much for your support!

The Nexus Complex Paperback Edition (Amazon)

The Nexus Complex Kindle Edition (Amazon) 

The Nexus Complex Paperback Edition (Createspace)

The Nexus Complex Paperback Edition (Barnes & Noble)

Sample comments from readers of The Nexus Complex (reviews):

“This book was really hard to put down and has changed my entire prospective on what is is possible if I just make a few adjustments. Recommended reading for anyone interested in accelerating their own evolutionary process from a snails pace to break neck speed or just wants to become a better person. Five big stars!” GDC (Amazon)

“THE NEXUS COMPLEX was a complex read. It is a guide that readers can use to make positive changes in their lives. For me, it took a bit to get into it but once I did, I found it very interesting. Just like any other self help, you have to make the changes for personal growth. You have to do the work. There were some very good points in this book. If you are into personal development, this would definitely be one to buy.” Kelly R. (www.mybookaddictionand

“As a best selling author, I appreciate the effort it takes to tackle such a large subject and do so with the diligence that Greg has put forth in this work. It’s a subject that no amount of “Data Gathering” and “Data processing” is enough. I believe that a study of this work will be entirely useful to anyone of any faith (or non-faith for that matter) and gets the reader considering things that many never bother with. Highly recommended!”  Joe Orsak (Amazon)

“The Nexus Complex has something valuable to share with everyone, regardless of their beliefs, or lack thereof. A scientific pursuit of Actual Truth and what it says to us as we draw near. The material is insightful, objective, thought-provoking and powerful. For many readers, the journey will be “life-changing”. Removing the shackles of ignorance to “know” what “is” and “is not” in their best interest. Very probably for the very first time. They will reconfigure their thoughts, improve relationships, and realize abundant living through advancing levels of sapience like never before. Well done Greg.” Beloved Son (Amazon)

“I’ve read many books like, The Secret or A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and although they were great books and very enlightening, I felt the Nexus Complex gave me more of a “Guide” to how to put everything into affect. I got my first “Ah ha” moment in the first 3 pages, and it never really stopped.” DSC (Amazon)

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