Presenting Truth

Presenting Truth

What is Truth? The Nexus Complex presents Truth as the state of “Isness” regarding everything that has existed, currently exists, or will exist in any form, scale, or reference of time. Simply put, Truth is “What Is So”. More

Verifying Truth

Verifying Truth

If Truth exists, how would anyone definitively know what it is? How could it be proven to function? These are very good questions that The Nexus Complex provides convincing answers.


Applying Truth

Applying Truth

If Truth has been verified, how can it applied? The Nexus Complex presents that the answer to this question lies in the only tool available to create with…Choice. Whatever is chosen will be experienced and applying verified Truth will produce experiences that are truly beneficial to any human being. More


The Nexus Complex: A Personal Guide to Truth by Greg Lentz

The Nexus Complex offers a practical guide to understanding and applying various aspects of social Truth for achieving an advanced level of self-enlightenment. It is a group of interrelating concepts and techniques, which works as a complete system to aid the reader in accomplishing this goal. In other words, it is specifically designed to show individual humans how and why it would be in their best interest to reconfigure themselves into socially advanced sapient beings. Although it offers a host of insights, it consists of three main objectives by presenting:

  • The actuality of Truth and its various social aspects (e.g. Love, Fear, Wisdom, Choice, Experience, Free Will, etc.).
  • A step-by-step method to verify these aspects are Truth.
  • A step-by-step method to apply these verifications as choices that produce advanced levels and frequency of happiness.

The Nexus Complex is designed as a system, which reformats the presentation of various aspects of Truth from unique perspectives that contrast what has typically been offered to humanity through religion and philosophy. It does this by examining both how and why Truth operates, as well as the consequences that Truth systematically dictates in relation to the choices created by human beings. In essence, the system provides the reader with a clear guide to advance their social evolution by offering easy-to-understand concepts and techniques while circumventing the need to interpret any cryptic, mystical, or over-intellectualized perspectives. The Nexus Complex presents a variety of topics and examples/analogies pertaining to Truth such as:

  • What Truth is and how/why to discern it appropriately
  • Actual Truth vs. Perceived Truth
  • The harmful consequences from inaccurate perceptions of Truth
  • The causes and effects of Love and Fear
  • What Happiness is and how to produce it
  • The tools of Choice: feelings, thoughts, words, and actions
  • The relationship between Choice and Experience
  • The innate power of human beings to create Choice and Experience
  • How/why to create functional choices from verified Truth
  • What is and is not in the best interest of human beings

The Nexus Complex also presents other specific concepts including (non-exhaustive):

  • Control Base – absolute responsibility of personal choice creation
  • Empowerment – realizing/actualizing the power of the self
  • Human Invariance – all humans are exactly the same type of being
  • Sapient Creation – the powerful creative ability possessed by all human beings
  • Sapient Reciprocation – sharing Love to advance self-enlightenment
  • Transitioning – the process of self-reconfiguration to advanced sapience

In addition, it offers various techniques to aid in advancing personal social evolution such as (non-exhaustive):

  • Communication - appropriate and accurate communication through a desired intent for understanding
  • Comparative Analysis - comparing circumstances to produce data on Truth
  • Data Deduction – using data to predict probable outcomes of choices and experiences
  • Data Processing – using data to build and apply a neutral, accurate, and comprehensive Knowledge of Truth
  • Perspective Analysis - observing human scale and time to produce data on Truth
  • Transparency – uninhibited self-projection to aid in advancing personal sapience
  • Verification – proving the actuality of Truths’ social mechanics

Through a cohesive design, easy-to-follow instructions, and a variety of examples that illustrate its points of topic, The Nexus Complex can be understood by virtually anyone who seeks a personal, practical guide for understanding and applying Truth in their life. Although some of the concepts presented may initially be construed as foreign or even controversial based on what humans have typically been conditioned to think and believe, The Nexus Complex carefully guides the reader to conceptually understand these concepts as being aspects of Truth. Furthermore, it offers a step-by-step method for the reader to prove that these aspects are, in fact…Truth. The primary goal of The Nexus Complex is to present a specifically designed system that instructs humans how and why to become advanced sapient beings through a verified understanding of Truth. One thing is for sure, this is not your typical self-help book.

“To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.”
Isaac Newton



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